So, people ask me all the time, “Kate, what makes you such a good Realtor?”. Okay, that’s not true at all, I just thought it would make a good intro.

But seriously, it is something that I ask myself, and let’s be honest you probably ask yourself too. What makes this woman qualified to help me with the biggest purchase OF MY LIFE! So let me give you a little insight as to what we Realtors go through just to show up at a listing.


First You Pay

Well, one day we have to decide that we prefer a job that gets out outside, a lot, and help people, a lot, and have next to no official off time, at all. Then we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to got through an intensive education program totalling about a month of our lives which is totally devoted to….nothing that can really help you in your house search.

But then! We get to pay more money to take a test so the State of Alabama can give us a little sheet of paper that says we are allowed to then pay MORE money to join our Realtor association, rent a lock box key, possibly buy lock boxes, and pay our brokerage to hang our license at an office somewhere where we then have to pay even more at each closing we get. Oh, not to mention the cell phone bills, advertisement, and sanity. Sounds super exciting right? Have I talked you into getting your license yet?


Love What You Do

What’s really really funny about all this, is, for those of us out there who just flat out enjoy what we do, none of that is a problem. In fact, we get to do those things not have to do them. And that is because we genuinely enjoy our jobs and working with all you guys! I am a people person. I have tried all sorts of jobs, just ask me. But at the end of the day I enjoy other people, and enjoy helping them in an endeavour that, if I do my job correctly, brings them more joy than whatever it is I bank at the end of the day.

Having said that, I pose this question. Am I the best Realtor for every person out there? No. Are you surprised at that answer? You shouldn’t be. I am sure you have a lot of friends and family right? Are you a good match to be that close to everyone you meet? Absolutely not. We are all unique and individual, which is what makes this business so fantastic, but let’s face the cold hard facts for a minute. You are not going to be the best buyer for every agent, and likewise not every agent is going to be the best choice. Nothing personal, just the way it is.


Realtors ~ Lawyers

Realtors are valued just above used car sales men and just below lawyers in trustworthiness! OUCH! So to go back to my original question, what makes me qualified to help you, is you! We come out of school with a level playing field, and we each gain experiences which help mold us into the right Realtors for the right people. It truly is like being in a relationship with someone. You and your agent ought to have an open line of communication, and it ought to be about more than just the properties you want to look at, at least that is the way I see it.

If we were speed dating, or meeting each other in some sort of online Realtor to buyer matching site, this is what you would see about me. Likes: developing report with a client; easy, fluid communication; honesty; fun loving, excited people who are enjoying exploring this new adventure of buying/selling; honesty (that’s a big one for me). Dislikes: arrogance, impatience, distrust, surly attitudes, usury, you get the picture. Attractive qualities found in self: patience; commitment; genuine care about your happiness and what is right for you, not just the money that’s cleared at the end; trustworthiness; freely apologetic (because, chances are, we might butt heads occasionally); easy going; relaxed.

Now, am I qualified? Yes, of course I am, otherwise Elizabeth would NEVER have hired me, and she is a smart cookie! Will I always be kind and helpful? Yes! Am I going to be the right Realtor for you? Maybe, maybe not. But you certainly won’t know until you ask. And let me tell ya, we have an office full of wonderful people who all share these same values and we are good with sharing. So don’t be shocked or offended if we offer to match you up with one of our colleagues, as it turns out, be flattered. At least that way you know that we have your best interests at heart, plus we will take the other guys to to mat if they don’t treat you right!

So tell me, what kinda deal do we need to make to get you into a contract today? Just kidding

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